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Full-Face Embossing Automatic Paper Napkin Machine 180m/Min

Full-Face Embossing Automatic Paper Napkin Machine 180m/Min

  • High Light

    automatic paper napkin machine 180m/min


    Full-face embossing automatic paper napkin machine


    paper napkin machine 180m/min

  • Machine Noise
    Less Than 80dB
  • Finished Kitchen Towel Size
    225x230mm(other Sizes Please Specify)
  • Safety Guarding
    Safe Covers And Safety Switches Duly Installed
  • Speed
    180 Meters Per Min
  • Place of Origin
  • Brand Name
  • Certification
  • Model Number
  • Minimum Order Quantity
    1 set
  • Price
  • Packaging Details
    Export wooden package
  • Delivery Time
    60 days
  • Payment Terms
  • Supply Ability
    20 sets every two months

Full-Face Embossing Automatic Paper Napkin Machine 180m/Min


PLC Program Control Dispenser Kitchen Towel Machine Laminated Towel 180m/min





N-Fold Dispenser Kitchen Towel Machine is deveoped for customers targeting high production capacity and excellent  N fold laminated dispenser kitchen towel products. Working with the folding type of mechanical and vacuum suction, it can run at the stable speed of 180m/min.


Compact design and easy adjustment help operators to have full control of functionality and production of the machine. Full-face embossing (standard/optional), Logo emboss(standard/optional), Glue lamination(standard/optional), 1/2colors logo printing (optional )are available.


Technicial Specification



YY-N Hand Towel Machine with Lamination
1. Jumbo roll

(1) Jumbo roll size:Maxφ1500mm×1400mm (jumbo roll diameter×width);

(2)Jumbo roll material:18-26g/㎡single-ply hand towel paper(wet-strength),suitable for glue lamination; 36-52g/㎡single-ply wood-pulp paper;

(3) Jumbo roll core inside diameter:3” (φ76m)

(4)Floor standing wall plate with thickness of 30mm.

(5)Two unwinding stands, two wide and flat belts for each unwinding stand.

(6)Paper tension is controlled by independent motor frequency conversion, It is slightly adjustable on the touch screen.

2. Product size

(1)Transverse cutting size: 225±2mm(other sizes please order);

(2)Folded size: 75±2mm;

(3)Product sizes:225x230mm.

(4)Production speed: 600-800sheets/min/line for laminated hand towel; 800-1000sheets/min/line for common hand towel.

(5)Product folding finished very smooth and neat, no wrinkles.

3. Common Embossing Part

(1)One set of steel to steel emboss. Steel emboss roller is made by Laser engraving(Buyer provides the emboss pattern and confirm with seller)

(2) Upper and lower structure, Wall plate thickness 55mm, Pneumatic cylinder pressure control, Equipped with limit device.

(3)Paper dust removal and lubrication by felt; Safety device;

(4)The steel roller diameter is 240mm, roller thickness 40mm, The roller material is high frequency processed by special 40CR round steel.

4. Glue lamination

(1)Two sets of steel-to-rubber emboss for lamination hand towel, steel emboss rollers are made by Laser Engraving(buyer provides the emboss pattern and confirms with seller);

(2)The embossing rollers can be synchronized with paper feeding unit and folding unit to ensure stable paper tension.

(3)Cylinder lever pressure, Easy to do web threading, paper dust removal by felt.

(4)The glue application parts will automatically open while the machine stops or while paper breaking; The glue roller will automatically rotate to avoid glue drying.

(5)Automatic glue washing by Push button(finish in 2 mins);

(6)Bell alarming while the glue is not enough.

(7)The steel embossing roller diameter is 290mm, the roller thickness is 40mm, The roller material is high frequency processed by special 40CR round steel.

(8)Initiative rolling cleaning device for steel glue application roller, ensuring no paper sticking on the roller(Invention patent)

(9)Wall plate thickness 55mm.

5. Folding and Cutting part

(1)Vacuum suction type;

(2)Transverse fixed knives can go up and down independently by cylinder , ensuring cut off

(3)Transverse rotary knives angle is adjustable.

(4)Floor standing wall plate with thickness of 55mm.

(5)Paper spreading by adjustable Arc-shape rollers.

6. Power needed

(1)Vacuum pump:22KW(Longtech brand); Paper feeding motors: 1.5KW*2; 0.75KW(left and right moving);

(2)Main motor:7.5KW, Glue lamination unit:11KW

(3)380V, 50HZ(buyer confirms while order)

(4)Air pressure:≥0.5Mpa.

(5)Main motor frequency speed regulation, independent electric cabinet with air ventilation and cooling function.

(6)Movable Emergency stop switch box.


(1)PLC: Delta brand; Inverters: Delta brand. Touch screen: Delta brand.

(2)Baking paint for metal, machine drive in yellow color, main machine in creamy-white color, safety cover in creamy-white color;

(3)Export packaging;

(4)Safeguarding: All driving and nipping parts have safe covers and danger signs.

(5)All driving rollers adopts expansion sleeve.


Full-Face Embossing Automatic Paper Napkin Machine 180m/Min 0

Full-Face Embossing Automatic Paper Napkin Machine 180m/Min 1

Full-Face Embossing Automatic Paper Napkin Machine 180m/Min 2Full-Face Embossing Automatic Paper Napkin Machine 180m/Min 3




1. Why choose YouYuan as the N fold dispenser kitchen towel machine supplier?


Because we are professional N fold dispenser kitchen towel machine manufacturer with more than 15 years experience. And we have a dedicated team for your questions before sales and after sales process. We can give you a turn-key project solution for N fold dispenser kitchen towel machines.


2. Will you provide spare parts for the machines we buy from you?


Yes. we will provide you some consumable spare parts free of charge for about one year, and we will ship the consumable parts to you together with the machines. In the future, you can still buy the parts from us.


3. Where is your factory located? Can we visit your factory?


Our factory is located at the Pengzhou Industrial Park, Chengdu, China. We welcome you to visit our factory and see our machines any time.



Full-Face Embossing Automatic Paper Napkin Machine 180m/Min 4



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